Custom Ed-Tech Solutions

Since 2017, Razor Sparrow LLC has been dedicated to saving teachers time, so they can do what matters most – educating the leaders of tomorrow!

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Privacy Focused

We take great pride in that our services do not collect any personally identifiable student data, and all are FERPA, COPPA, CIRPA, SOPPA, SOPIPA, and NY-Ed 2d Law compliant.

Teacher-Suggested, Needs-Driven

All our services were suggested by teachers, (some even developed by them). We believe teachers know their classrooms best and continually strive to make our services be of greatest benefit to educators.

Rapid Integration

Entire districts can be set up and start using our services within 15 minutes of sign-up, and teachers can start reaping the benefits just 2 minutes after sign-up!

Time-Saving Strategies

Teachers spend less time teaching and more time performing clerical tasks than ever before. We aim to fix that! Our services are used by hundreds of districts and tens of thousands of teachers annually to save over 500,000+ hours each year. This improves quality of education for students, decreases teacher burn-out, and makes for a healthier and happier educational system for everyone.

Executive Team

David Polgar


Kinga Polgar


Indigo Grady

General Manager

Melissa Sosa Kuhn

Sales & Billing

Darren Litchfield

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Our Services


The World's #1 Grade Passback Extension! Join 80,000+ teachers & 500+ districts to see what the hype is all about!


Making Google Classroom & Microsoft Outlook interoperability possible without the need for school Gmail accounts

Calm Wave

Combat student anxiety. Immediately available resources for guided self-help within the classroom when they need it

New SaaS

Something's brewing that's greater than anything we've ever created!

Early-bird access is available below.

Panther Cloud

Attendance management using bar code scanning to streamline attendance, curtail truancy, and track out-of-classroom time

Custom Ed-Tech Solutions

We're open to ideas :) All of our services are teacher suggested and need-driven. Let us know how we can help!

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