About Razor Sparrow

We began our journey as two high school science teachers who watched EdTech transform the landscape of education in a very short time.
We learned and adapted as our districts adopted iPads, educational Apps, online grade books, chrome books, Google Classroom, virtual labs, Zoom, and other technologies and platforms.

We were excited by the opportunities EdTech provided for us and for our students, but noticed that sometimes these technologies did not communicate smoothly with each other. It was not long before we put our programming skills to work to improve technology integration.

After realizing that teachers (ourselves included) had to spend hours manually transferring grades between grading platforms such as Google Classroom, Genesis, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Aspen, and others, we created GradeTransferer. GradeTransferer allows nearly 40 different platforms to talk to each other, saving teachers hours each week and allowing them to transfer, sort, and scale hundreds of grades with just the click of a button.

GradeTransferer currently saves teachers 500,000+ hours each year and it is used by hundreds of districts nationwide.

Today, we continue to improve GradeTransferer and build custom services and extensions to help schools and districts solve problems, help integrate the technologies they use, and extend the functionality of their current educational platforms.

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